Jun 06, 2024

Tristar Glass Inc. & LiSEC: By working hand in hand to success

Date: 9 March 2023

Tristar Glass Inc. is a fully integrated architectural glass fabricator founded in 2005 and has been growing ever since. Currently, they have three plants – two are located in Texas (Grand Prairie and Houston) and the other in Catoosa, Oklahoma with a total of 270 000 square feet of fabrication space and more than 250 employees.

Tristar is specialized in manufacturing high performance insulating glass. To sum it up, Rob Carlson from Tristar’s engineering says; “We are a one stop shop for high performance insulated glass for commercial applications, offering full service fabrication that includes high quality laminated glass, spandrel glass and silkscreen glass. We, pride ourselves on our people and the relationships we build and maintain with our customers and suppliers.”

The main customers of Tristar Glass Inc are glaziers that expect the highest value and quality and in order to meet these high quality standards, Tristar uses solutions from LiSEC. LiSEC has played an integral role in their Houston and Grand Prairie, TX, plants, offering both locations LiSEC insulating lines and a glass cutting (ESL) line in Houston with glass loading (PKL) and glass storage. Tristar values the high quality and the speed that the LiSEC machines bring to its factories – when compared to other Insulated glass lines; LiSEC has one of the highest outputs. In addition, the LiSEC cutting table is the fastest in its class with cutting and edge deletion in one-step. Another reason why Tristar highlights LiSEC as the perfect partner experience when it comes to creating and designing new plant layouts for projects and equipment.

Rob says, “LiSEC is always at the leading edge of technology, focusing on innovating faster methods of production that increase safety and reduce man power. Moreover, LiSEC has a vast level of knowledge, when it comes to sales and service, which is why LiSEC is the partner for us and why we decided for a LiSEC IG line at our plant in Grand Prairie, Texas.

This operator-friendly and low maintenance line can handle insulating glass units up to 196” x 106” and has argon gas filling capabilities. The IG-Line is perfect for shapes and 3-sided steps. The fully automatic system for gas filling, assembly and surface pressing of insulating glass units the FPS-U2. The proven system of filling through the bottom edge into the sealed chambers guarantees absolutely turbulence-free gas filling. The principle developed by LiSEC of "chamber division" via retractable sealing strips minimizes gas consumption and saves resources. The highlights of this line are the LiSEC VFL-1F fully automatic sealing system for insulating glass units and the VHW-F automatic washing and drying system for flat glass.

The VFL-1F has a patented full support belt system and ensures permanent support of the middle glass sheet. The system also ensures exact dosing and while executing perfect corners because of four dispenser which are postprocess the corner expression. The VHW-F has a self-cleaning warm water filter system that cleans its filter without interrupting the production, an integrated pre-washing zone that reduces the transport time and gives you perfectly clear glass sheets in the end. The whole machine is made of stainless steel so that there is no chance for any corrosion. The thick adjustment and the brush speed can be adjusted variably for best washing result.

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