Aug 02, 2023

SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 Coated Glass By Guardian Glass™ Wins Glass Magazine Award

Date: 1 August 2023

SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 coated glass by Guardian Glass™ North America is the 2023 Best Glass or Glass Component as voted by the readers of Glass Magazine.

“This year’s Glass Magazine Award winners demonstrate the amazing multifunctional capabilities of glass,” says Katy Devlin, Content Director and Editor-in-Chief of Glass Magazine. “The winners show how glass and glazing are used to meet sustainability and performance requirements, to create spaces that provide safe and healthy environments for occupants, and to achieve unparalleled feats of design and aesthetics.”

SNR 35 combines those features and benefits via a classical, neutral silver aesthetic both at normal and angular incidence and excellent energy performance led by a low solar heat gain coefficient of 0.17 on clear glass to present the attractive exteriors architects seek while helping to provide bright, comfortable interiors.

“The glass community have responded very positively to the SunGuard SuperNeutral SNR products – SNR 50 coated glass was Glass Magazine’s 2022 Best Glass or Glass Component,” says Darijo Babic, Architectural Sales Director, Guardian Glass North America. “We’re honored to be recognized by Glass Magazine and its audience for products that help serve our customers’ needs.”

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SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 Guardian Glass™