Jul 07, 2023

Innovative Evolution of NorthGlass Super Glass at Hong Kong's Taikoo Place

Date: 4 July 2023

Taikoo Place, located in the East District of Hong Kong Island, is one of the most well-planned business districts in Hong Kong, constantly innovating and evolving. As early as the early 1990s, Swire Properties planned to transform the original three factory buildings into high-end office buildings: "One Taikoo Place" and "Two Taikoo Place". From the podium of "One" to the delivery of glass for the entire building of "Two", NorthGlass' Glass Deep Processing Division has played an important role in the innovation and evolution of Taikoo Place's curtain wall glass.    One "one" podium of Taikoo Place  is equipped with NorthGlass's 17.1-meter super glass, which has large specifications, special varieties and configurations, and complex production processes. The straightness requirements for ultra-long glass polishing quality are very high, and the multi-layer pairing stack difference including the 45-degree hypotenuse is required to be within 1mm. At the same time, the 5-layer ultra-wide slanted-edge panel glue frame requires extremely high precision, and the error is controlled within 2mm.  The "Phase I" glass curtain wall is composed of 22 panels and 18 glass ribs. After installation, the lobby space is transparent and magnificent. Three glass walls, the corners are spliced ​​with right-angle glass 45-degree hypotenuse, and there is no dead angle in the field of vision. The completion of the project not only refreshed the record of glass size, but also promoted the technical development of transportation, installation and other related industries, led the trend, and made it possible for the universal use of super-large glass in buildings.    Taikoo Place Two is based on the perfect effect presented by NorthGlass glass. The total 33,000 square meters of curtain wall glass of Taikoo Place Two including podium and tower are all made by NorthGlass. Including ultra-wide square double-silver-coated tempered glass for towers, 3D multi-curved tempered glass, super-large curved tempered glass, tapered curved tempered glass and other types of glass with complex processes.  

The newly completed Tower 2 of Taikoo Place is 195 meters high. The main building glass is equipped with 3x3 meters of double silver-coated tempered glass. The podium is an ultra-thick hollow laminated tempered glass enclosure structure with a height of 15 meters without any glass ribs. , providing maximum transparency and open views to Pacific Place. The glass panes provided by NorthGlass endow the building with gorgeous lines and excellent colors. Especially at the four corners of the building, the tapered bent steel design is used to realize the perfect transition of the arc.  In the Two Taikoo Place project, NorthGlass faced several challenges. First of all, the main glass adopts a 3-meter square design, which greatly improves the indoor viewing field of view. However, the square glass has extremely high requirements for tempering, especially the flatness of the glass edge, which is the key to ensuring the quality of the building's appearance. The company adopts the top series tempering furnace self-developed by NorthGlass. The optimized furnace configuration and super symmetrical heating technology make the wind spots lighter.  Secondly, the project uses high-performance double-silver coating, coupled with a 3-meter square layout, which poses a great challenge to the glass tempering process, and requires a short period of time from cutting to hollowing. NorthGlass strictly controls the process parameters to meet the energy-saving and color requirements of glass, so that the entire building has gorgeous lines and good color, which is as moist as jade during the day and as bright as night at night.

In addition, the four corners of the overall building of Taikoo Place adopt a design of tapered bent steel that gradually changes from bottom to top to achieve a perfect transition of the arc. This required the smoothness and consistency of the glass during the bending process to reveal the magnificent lines and elegant colors of the building.  Two Taikoo Place has been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), BEAM Plus and WELL Building Certification Platinum pre-certification, setting a new standard for energy performance for Pacific Place developments. NorthGlass has been committed to improving the quality of architectural glass, deeply practicing the concept of sustainable development, and helping architects at home and abroad to achieve the goals and visions of sustainable development.

The successful completion of a series of Swire projects marks an important breakthrough of NorthGlass in large-scale high-quality architectural glass, and demonstrates NorthGlass' outstanding capabilities in technology and craftsmanship.

One "one" podium of Taikoo PlaceTaikoo Place Two