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Dasung Ming night reading light

July 31, 2023 By Sovan Mandal 2 Comments

Dasung has something unique to offer that can make reading books all the more convenient. You might be forgiven for thinking it’s about a new e-reader that the company has come up with. After all, the Chinese company has several E Ink devices to its credit that allows for comfortable reading. Rather, they have come up with something very intriguing and are calling it the Ming reading light. So, what exactly is the Ming and what does a company that almost exclusively deals with E Ink devices have to do with a night reading light? Let’s find out.

There isn’t anything earth-shattering with the Ming reading light. There is the slab of oil-resistant tempered glass that makes up the larger visible area of the device. At the end of the glass lies the holder which is also where the electronic components and the lights are packed in. Speaking of the latter, there are ten LED lights in all placed strategically to ensure the entire glass area gets uniformly illuminated. The glass also seems to have particles inside which helps in the dispersion of light all around. Interestingly, the glass does not have the same level of transparency on both sides, which means you got to hold the glass with the right side up to be able to read as things look hazy when viewed from the other side.

The holder, meanwhile, includes the power on and off button as well as the button to increase or decrease the light intensity. There is a built-in battery too which you will need to charge via the Type-C port it comes with. This pretty much sums up all that the Ming come up with. Overall, it’s lightweight and handy and you shouldn’t have issues holding on to the device even for long. But the problem lies elsewhere. Read on.

Dasung is marketing the Ming as the night reading light. They are also claiming it to be the perfect alternative to the conventional night lamps that we have. However, there is a basic difference in the way the Ming functions compared to the conventional night lamps. As you might have already guessed, you are required to hold the transparent glass in the reading area to illuminate the same. This way, you can continue with your reading even in pitch-dark conditions.

While that is good, the problem is it isn’t a hands-free reading experience as you are required to hold the Ming against the stuff that you are reading, be it a paper book, magazine, or e-reader. In fact, the Ming in reality represents the backlight technology that almost all modern-day e-readers already come equipped with. That rules out e-readers among probable reading surfaces that you will need the Ming to aid in reading.

That brings the focus to paper books, magazines, and such. Here, the Ming does a nice job of illuminating the pages though as already stated, one of your hands is always tied up holding the Ming against the reading surface. If that isn’t all, the highly reflective surface is another thing to be worried about as you will always have to ensure you are viewing things at the perfect angle to be able to read comfortably.

Dasung wants it to replace the conventional night reading lamps but the fact is, the Ming is more cumbersome to use. You are always required to hold the Ming on the reading surface to be able to read, that too at the right angle to ensure you don’t end up viewing your face or your surroundings more than the text itself. You have none of that with proper reading light. Also, using the Ming to read while lying down is going to be all the more inconvenient.

I see no reason why anyone would want to opt for the Ming night reading light given its severely limited scope of usage. It is only when you are reading with your book on a table or a flat surface that the Ming can be of help to you. For other scenarios, you might prefer a conventional night reading light instead.

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