Jun 19, 2023

Clayton family sees man throw dresser, TV, lamps from 21st window of Las Vegas resort

A family from Clayton was at the Caesars Palace resort on the Las Vegas Strip during a hostage situation, and from the pool they witnessed someone throw furniture out a tower window.

The Associated Press reports a man was arrested and a woman described as his hostage was released unharmed Tuesday after an hours-long standoff in a hotel room at Caesars Palace. No injuries were reported, but furniture, cushions and other objects fell from a 21st floor window, frightening guests in a swimming pool area below.

Lynn Hellman from Clayton was at the resort pool around 10:30 a.m. during the commotion.

"We were rushed out of the pool area because a man had broken out a window in the tower above the pool and was throwing stuff out of the window," Hellman said. "Dresser, nightstand, TV, lamps, he [was] throwing it all."

Hellman said she was vacationing in Vegas with her wife, Alyssa Hellman.

"My wife and I were somewhat frightened when the security guards and pool staff started yelling to get out of the pool and take cover," Lynn Hellman said. "My wife spotted the open window and said how weird that was and then I looked up and saw a lamp base flying out of the window. We quickly took cover and were pushed back to the exit walls of the pool area. There we were told to wait and see if we would be granted access back to the pool."

In the rush, Hellman said a lot of people left their wallets, room keys and personal items by the pool. She said one man fell and hurt his knees while trying to get out of the pool deck.

Hellman described glass from the window on the pool deck area.

"He threw the mini fridge out, a nightstand, lamp bases, lamp shades, part of the couch, the desk, photographs from the room, trash can, random papers, etc.," she said. "We witnessed it all and also heard him beating on the other glass window in the room with something, trying to break that glass, too."

Las Vegas police Capt. Stephen Connell said the standoff began about 9:15 a.m. with a report from hotel security that a man and woman were arguing and that the man pulled the woman into a room “by force.”

Police SWAT officers secured the hallway outside the room, although Connell said it was not immediately clear if the man was armed.

Connell told reporters during the standoff that the woman believed to be held hostage “has been heard from,” and was believed to be “still OK."

Outside, guests heard glass break and saw curtains billow from a broken window about two-thirds up the 29-story Palace Tower, one of six towers at Caesars Palace, an iconic and historic centerpiece of the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel has nearly 4,000 rooms.

"It was definitely an experience we will never forget and brings to light just how troubled some people are today," Hellman said. "It has certainly left myself and my wife shaken up a bit and glad to be back home."