Igu Dgu Heatproof/Double Glazed Glazing/Low Iron Laminated Tempered /Sound Proof/Low

Igu Dgu Heatproof/Double Glazed Glazing/Low Iron Laminated Tempered /Sound Proof/Low

IGU DGU Heatproof/Double Glazed Glazing/Hollow/Curtain Wall/Window/Facades/Insulation/ Tempered Insulating /Sound Proof/


Basic Info.
Model NO. insulated glass
Air Cavity Depth 6mm, 8mm,9mm,10mm,12mm,16mm,18mm,24mm
Moh′s Hardness 7
Energy Transfer Conduction
Deep Processing Depth Hollow Glass
Color Neutral, Light Blue, Ford Blue, Dark Blue, Ocean B
Usage Door, Building, Window, Curtain Wall, Facade
Shapes Flat or Curved
Transport Package Plywood Crates
Specification Customized
Trademark Eliterglass
Origin China
HS Code 70080000
Production Capacity 200, 000 M2 / Month
Product Description
IGU DGU Heatproof/Double Glazed Glazing/Hollow/Curtain Wall/Window/Facades/Insulation/ Tempered Insulating /Sound Proof/ LOW-E Insulated Insulating Unit GlassQingdao Eliter Glass is an excellent provider and manufacturer of professional solutions for architectural glass and decorative glass applications in China.Our CompanyWe exported and manufactured the architectural and interior glass products including, 3-19mm tempered glass, laminated safety glass, insulated glass, curved glass, oversized glass, low-E glass, special glass, shaped glass, frosted glass, mirror glass, Ceramic Fritted Glass, railing glass, shower door glass, etc. We have been working in the building safety glazing glass field since 2009.By providing an excellent product, service, and solutions, become the most reliable and valuable partner.Delivery Time: In 3-4 weeks after order confirmation the order.Raw Glass Choose:Raw Glass brand: CSG, Xinyi, Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group, Jinjing Group, Taiwanglass Group.Choosing the brand, quality stable raw glass suppliers, and pursuing the quality's processing manufacturer can be chosen to ensure the interests of yours.Product Description:Insulating Glass is also called Insulated glass/Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass and so on.Insulated glass/Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass is made of two or more pieces of glass glazing sheets which might be low e or reflective glass or normal float colored glass and use sealant gumming and aluminum spacers which were filled with desiccant together. Insulated glass/ Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass with the perimeter of the spacer that gets in contact with the glass is properly sealed with primary and secondary sealants to ensure it with air/argon tight.Insulated glass not only could save energy power, but it can get sound insulation. This kind of IGU can enhance a window's thermal insulation up to 3 times resulting in the reduction of energy consumption of up to 75% compared to a single glazed unit. We Mainly Supply Flat and Curved Tempered safety insulated glass, Double glazing insulated glass, Triple glazed insulated glass, Silk Screen Printed insulating glass, Tempered laminated insulated glass, Low-E insulated windows and doors glass, etc.
GlassInsulated GlassTypes of Products1. Double glazing insulated glass
2. Triple glazed insulated glass
3. Silk Screen Printed insulating glass
4. Tempered laminated insulated glass 5. Oversized insulated glass 6. Curved insulated glass
SpacerAluminum spacer, Stainless steel spacer, Thermal break spacerTempering Type:Flat or Curved tempered insulated glass
HS Code7008001000
Glass OptionClear glass, low iron glass, tinted glass, pattern glass, ceramic fritted glass, reflective glass, low-E glass combinations
Surface finishingClear, Frosted, Sandblasted, Colors Printed
ColorNeutral, light blue, ford blue, dark blue, ocean blue, light gray, blue-gray, light green, dark green, gold, bronze, etc
Low-E GlassSingle Silver, Double Silver, Triple Silver
SizeOversized and extra small Can be customized according to your requirement.
Spacer Thick: 6mm, 8mm,9mm,10mm,12mm,16mm,18mm,24mm, As Customized Design.
Gas FillingArgon, Air
Common Products4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 8+8 10+10 12+12
Quality Standard:
Chinese CCC:GB11944
USA and Canada:IGCC ASTM E2190
Australia:CSI AS/NZS4666
Europe: CE EN1279

Glass Processing:Stepped Insulating GlassWhen it comes to the semi-stick glass curtain wall or glass skylight, stepped insulated glass, or offset insulated glass is used.Silicon sealant can be applied on the glass edge to make it keep the uniform color as glass sealant.Perforated IGUInsulated glass can also be used in point-supported glass facades instead of tempered glass and laminated glass.To fix the spider and claw safety, we can supply insulated glass with perforations, sealed with aluminum rings for better and safe installation.U ChannelsThe U channel will be embedded with the aluminum frame and work as a supporting point for the glass, this will cause bigger and thicker spacer (over 20mm) and increased glass costs.
High-Performance Insulated Glass Unit( IGU)Characteristic:1. Optical PropertiesThe visible light transmittance of insulated glass systems is normally in the range of 70-80% and the visible light reflectance is in the range of 10-48%;2. Thermal PropertiesThe U-value is effectively lowered by double glazing units and can be further reduced by filling of inert gases like argon gas:3. Acoustical InsulationInsulated glass has a good soundproof function, can reduce noise by more than 30 dB;4. CondensationThe dew point of Eliter insulating glass is below -65 ºC which guarantees no condensation formation under normal applications;5. SealingThe aluminum spacer is automatically curved and formed with the fewest joints and dual seals are applied, which ensures excellent sealing characteristics and a long application lifetime.Use Types of insulated glass:1. Normal float tempered insulated glass, use as a glass window.2. Tempered insulated glass and laminated insulated glass, widely used types.3. Reflective insulated glass, a good choice as glass facade or glass curtain wall.4. Low e insulated glass, the best choice for modern building for glass curtain wall, glass facade.Application:The insulated glass has high energy saving and soundproof, anti UV rays, so insulated can widely be used in-curtain wall glass,-glass facade,-double glazing units window glass panel,-double glazing partition.-especially residential windows and curtain wallsPackage and Loading:
1. Strong wooden crates
2. Safety for overseas transportation
3. The max weight of each wooden crate is 1.5-2 tons

Igu Dgu Heatproof/Double Glazed Glazing/Low Iron Laminated Tempered /Sound Proof/Low-E Insulated Hollow Reflective Glass Curtain Wall/Window/Facades/Skylights

Our FactoryEliterglass factory covers an area of 30, 000 m² floor space, and has an annual processing capacity of 1000, 000 m², more than 50-80 employees.The main equipment: was world-famous high precision processed equipment manufacturers, Products meet Standard Certification Europe CE, USA SGCC, IGCC, UK BSI, and Australia CSI, etc. Now we are working with customers in over 50 countries.
FAQ1. How to get a quotation? We need the information of glass configuration, thickness, sizes, quantity and processing details, etc.
2. What's the MOQ? Generally, there is no MOQ for processing glass, if want to receive the best price, the more quantity, the better price.3. How about sample fees? Samples are free, and it is only needed for you to pay for the shipping charge, your courier account is also ok. , delivery can be ready in 1-4 weeks.
4. What is your payment term?By T/T 100% prepayment before order if total amount less than 5000USD.By T/T 30% prepayment before order and 70% before shipping.

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