Sep 13, 2023

NorthGlass super glass help the hero city to build first flagship store

Date: 15 February 2023

As a national historical and cultural famous city, Nanchang was called “the land of attractive resources and magical power and the birth place of creative minds and gifted talents”. At the same time, Nanchang is also a famous revolutionary hero city, but also known as the place where the military flag was raised. Recently, the first Huawei Flagship store · Nanchang MIXC was opened in Nanchang. The large multi-layer laminated bent glass on its facade were provided by Tianjin NorthGlass.

Huawei Flagship store · Nanchang MIXC is divided into two floors with a total area of 1200 square meters. The super-thick bent arc glass is used in its appearance design. The ultra-white and transparent glass curtain wall opens the boundary of the vision, so that consumers can feel the charming of science and technology before entering the store.

The single glass of Huawei Flagship store is 9.6 meters high and about 66mm thick. In the process of glass production, NorthGlass strictly controlled the overlapping difference, curvature, side flatness, stress spot and accurate coincidence degree and ripple deformation between glass. The facade of the flagship store composed of 11 pieces of glass is bright and transparent, refreshing, and it is combined with the simple and clean space design, complementing each other to create an excellent user experience.

NorthGlass pursues innovation and quality. With the continuous changes of technology, products and environment, Huawei flagship store is constantly upgrading, and NorthGlass glass is also constantly upgrading. 24 meters of super glass, 3x8 meters of 3D multi-curved glass..... At the same time, Tianjin NorthGlass has pioneered the use of commercial comprehensive liability insurance and product quality assurance insurance in the industry. NorthGlass never stops in its pursuit of innovation and quality.

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