Jul 02, 2023

Squatters trash Hollywood Hills mansion

By KCAL-News Staff

August 11, 2023 / 2:31 PM / KCAL News

A multimillion-dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills was vandalized Thursday by what police say was a group of squatters.

Los Angeles Police Department officers were called to the mansion Thursday afternoon after receiving a report of a screaming woman and when they arrived, they discovered squatters at the residence.

Officers could not make any arrests because police were not able to locate the owner of the property and no complaint was filed to begin a criminal investigation.

Damage at the residence includes broken glass, graffiti, tattered furniture and trash strewn about the roof and grounds.

Online real estate sites estimate the six-bedroom, 12-bath mansion with a pool and luxury amenities could be worth $10 million or more.

The city has ordered the property to be cleaned by Monday.

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First published on August 11, 2023 / 2:31 PM

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