Jul 01, 2023

Residents are urged to recycle when disposing of unwanted items from summer

GAYLORD — It’s the time of year to get ready for back to school and to prepare for the approaching fall and winter months.

It's also a time for cleaning out what was accumulated in the summer and separate what we don’t need or want anymore from garages, storage areas and the backyard.

Otsego County residents are able to take this opportunity to use the recycling program to reduce waste management costs. There are a few things to remember when getting rid of recyclables. These include what is able to be recycled at one of the five recycling drop-off sites.

Otsego County’s drop-off locations are taking recyclables, including the following:

When using GFL environmental/American Waste’s single-stream recycling, it all goes in the same container.This offers Otsego County residents an easy way to recycle. Remember if it does not fit in the container then do not leave it at the site, as that is considered dumping and it is illegal.

Also, if it is not on the list, call Otsego Conservation District (989) 732-4021 to find out where you might be able to take it to recycle or dispose of properly. You can also pick up an Otsego County Recycling booklet that lists resources available in the area to help you recycle more materials. The free recycling booklets are located at the recycling sites in the green kiosk for your convenience.

The Otsego Conservation District reminds you of the five recycling locations in the county: