May 29, 2023

NorthGlass shines with BAU CHINA 2023

Date: 16 August 2023

Resilient growth | reflect in “Shanghai”

The much-anticipated door and window curtain wall industry expo - BAU CHINA 2023 on August 3 to 6 was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). With the theme of “Resilient growth”, the expo has witnessed the broken development under the new dimensions of industry enterprises and brands. 160000 ㎡ has brought together nearly 30 countries and regions of nearly 700 top brands at home and abroad, lightening the 2023 doors and windows curtain wall colorful season. NorthGlass glass deep processing division, NorthGlass Sinest have presented in four exhibition area, brought 27 products, involving luxury decoration glass, construction glass, exterior wall materials and other products.

NorthGlass booth displayed long-acting insulating Low-E tempered glass, stained Sefar net laminated tempered glass, no column corner tempered glass (90°, 130°, U), digital printing imitation rice paper tempered glass. In addition, NorthGlass also participated in a lot of activities held by BAU CHINA's FBC (FENESTRATION BAU China) and CADE (Architectural Design Expo), showing its super glass in cooperation with architectural designers and curtain wall designers, all of which attracted enough attention.

BCC Building conference | glass people-oriented

On the afternoon of August 4,2023, with the theme of “people-oriented” architectural design in BCC BAU Congress China, we invited Mr.Li Chunchao, marketing Director of NorthGlass and other guests. Focusing on people-oriented architectural design, quality-based material charm, they shared the cutting-edge insights of glass materials on the future of living and architecture.

Pioneer designer and new sharp materials

CADE continues to work with young curator Gao Changjun, and hires Mr. Li Xiangning, dean of the college of architecture and urban panning Tongji University, as the general consultant. Five installation works were firstly presented at booth 6308, Hall 6.2, National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)on August 3-6,2023! The ultra-high digital printing mirror multi-curved tempered glass designed by NorthGlass and master Shui Yanfei has become the internet famous site in the exhibition hall.

Super glass | “build curtain” in the future

Build curtain salon area was designed by master curator Luo Yi, it is a circular steel structure space, and in the middle of the site sets up the circular forum, there are ladder seats and railings around, outside there is NorthGlass large enamel bent tempered mirror glass. The design way of lighting and the whole black tone, through the organic integration of new technology, shows the beauty of the curtain wall construction and structure. The guests’ views are antagonistic and wonderful.

NorthGlass mansion glass | reveal style and taste

On the afternoon of August 4th, in Hall 7.2 of National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai), the glass deep processing division of NorthGlass held a grand signing ceremony in Jinxuan Glory Hall.

Gao Li, vice chairman and president of NorthGlass, Gao Qi, vice president of NorthGlass, and general manager of glass deep processing division, delivered speeches respectively, saying that they would jointly promote the excellent performance of high-quality glass products in the market.

The rich product display, extensive application of exhibits and professional service team have gathered a lot of popularity and attention for NorthGlass. The visit and exchange of the leaders and guests, the consultation and conversation of the audiences, created an extraordinary atmosphere on the scene. Everyone affirmed the exquisite product technology of NorthGlass and praised the innovative spirit of the innovation of the challenge.

At the same time, in the exhibition supporting activities of BAU CHINA night event, it issued this year’s "Golden Xuan Award" list, NorthGlass got seven awards, including "top list of technology innovation enterprise", "technology research and development innovation products", "design concept innovation products", "innovative material application case", "annual influence leading character", "industry technology innovation leading character", "top list of industry popularity" seven awards.

During the four-day exhibition, NorthGlass not only fully displayed the products and culture of the enterprise, but also set up a good spirit for the development of the enterprise to break through and face difficulties in the post-epidemic era. Braving the wind and waves and going forward were not only a kind of courage, but also a responsibility and responsibility. As a benchmark enterprise of building glass, NorthGlass fully demonstrated the toughness of the industry, the soul of the industry and the beauty of the industry in this exhibition! To innovate for development, to strive to win the future!

Resilient growth | reflect in “Shanghai”BCC Building conference | glass people-orientedPioneer designer and new sharp materialsSuper glass | “build curtain” in the futureNorthGlass mansion glass | reveal style and taste